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my day (what a boring subject)

yesterday was fun, even though it was rainy.

I had my first "lab" in horseback riding. Two of the people from my monday class was there, so that was cool. Got to learn how to put the saddle and bridal on a horse. Didn't get to do it yet. At least my docs are ok for now. yay. Putting the halter on the horse was a lot easier today. I like Red Wing. He seems like a cool horse. There is a horse named Athena! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Haven was awesome. Hurray for Pearl St. being with in a DECENT walking distance from Smith. ND. came with me again. She is cool. Her outfits are always so awesome! Everyone else thought so too. The music at Haven was very good (as 3G said, "It doesn't suck") and I danced my feet off. They STILL hurt, which I guess is a good/bad thing. Aerith wasn't there and I missed him. I got to dance with wolfboy for "Come here boy" and then we were in the center cage together for the Dead Can Dance song w/the title that i'm not going to write b/c i doubt i could spell it if I tried. The only bad thing about the cage was that there was this drunk girl who i bumped into and she turned around and was all over me, and i had to push her off! And dancing in the cage was kind of scary. I kept thinking that I would misstep and fall off to my doom. But i didn't.

Today wasn't mountain day *pout*
I didn't have to go in Acting which was good b/c I compleatly misunderstood the asignment.

oh, and almost 40 lines of greek went almost a full hour faster than I expected to spend on it, and that includes a few breaks. Hurray!!!

Went into town and finished buying presents for my little sis. She is SO going to know it's me before the end of the whole thing. But i don't care.
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