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good evening, weird morning

Yesterday evening was very good. Got too things from msfrizz in the mail. one was an empire-red-which-goes-with-nothing-in-our-kitchen Kitchenaid Mixer that she got on sale at Tuesday Morning. the other thing was a still-in-the-wrapper goldfished shapped goldfish cracker holder, like this one on e-bay, which she found at a tag sale for 12 cents. I love my mother. she is a crazy woman!!!!

today there was this car that was right behind me practically all the way on the highway. the guy in a suit was driving just a little too close to me for comfort, but wouldn't move from behind me. it started to freek me out a lot. espcially when there were no other cars around. but then he kept going down the road after the rotary. but eep. also so far i have banged my left elbow on a corner and my left leg above my knee on a table.

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