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what a handful!

What a handful the little monsters are! Aerith and I came home yesterday to find them not only out of their kitchen enclosure, but on the top of the stairs.  Nothing was disturbed (which is good), but one of them (my guess is Boris) made a mess in the corner of the dinning room.  But it felt fresh-ish when I picked it up with a paper towel and it certainly smelled fresh when I was cleaning the rug.  I have a feeling that they got out and then couldn't get back in.

Anyway, Aerith and I figured if they could get out on their own, we might as well let them run around the downstairs.  So we let them run and play.  They just loved the huge cat structure that Aerith built a few years ago for Spectre.  They even jumped up on the couch.  In fact, at one point Natasha was just resting on the cat + black couch = make sure not to squish... and i started to pet her and let her smell me. she started licking my fingers. it was so cute.  but then Boris spoiled it all by urinating on the carpet.  So, we picked them up, put them back in the kitchen and raised the borders. Then people came over for Firefly and they were scared, so they stayed in the kitchen. 

But, later last night, on my way to the bathroom to  brush my teath, i heard a noise.  I went to see what it was and found Natasha on the other side of the barrier.  I picked her up and put her in the kitchen, but she vaulted over it again.  I nabbed her and looked for Boris, who was hidding in the shoe rack.  With both of them in hand, i called up to Aerith.  He came down and we raised the barriers once again.  Then we went upstairs and he listed for breakout attemps.  He heard 3 failures and then there was no more noise like that so we went to bed.  This morning there were two happy kitties in kitchen. 

We'll see what's what this afternoon.

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