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quick update

just a quick update before cuddling w/fiance and hopefully reading more of Kusheil's Dart.

Last night Aerith and I went out to dinner at the Warfield House. The food was really good. The cream of tomato and basil soup was excellent!!!! And they actually know how to really cook a fillet. And they are so nice. and it's beautiful and green there and there's this hill of wildflowers. I'm so excited about getting married there!

Since Boris and Natasha haven't been able to get out of the kitchen and Boris has been using the litter box, Aerith and I let them out today. They can go anywhere in the house except for the study, bedroom and upstairs bathroom (all closed off by doors). We took lots and lots of pictures, but I don't want to edit them right now. However, the set from Wednesday night is up. Unfortunatly comcast doesn't do automatic directories, so if you want to see them, the path is the pictures are boris1.jpg through boris9.jpg, borisandnatasha1.jpg through borisandnatasha8.jpg and natasha1.jpg through natasha5.jpg. I'm sure a website will be coming soon.

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