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Had a good weekend.

in kitty news, saturday we finally let the monsters out of the kitchen.  they really love playing around the house.  Boris KEEPS going in that one corner!  not solids, thank goddess, but liquids.  Yesterday we put a second litterbox there in hopes of having him go in it.  I just hope he doesn't find a new spot.  unfortunatly he is too cute to be mad at him for long.  they are both cute.  Natasha just blends into the couch sometimes, which is adorably fun (ninja kitty).  and they both love the cat structure that Aerith built.  in the morning Natasha likes to weave around my legs.  it's really cute.  I think they're both getting comfortable in their environment and with us. 

in other news, we went to the Taste of Amherst on Sunday for lunch and had godspiel, stickum, and safirerings over for a bbq sunday night.  Stick likes to tourcher the kitties!  bad Stick!  And yesterday the Frenchman came to visit *big grin*  I made tuna salad for dinner.  Then I used my new mixer to make chocolate chip cookies.  it works so well.  of course it would have been better if i had looked closer at the stove and realized i'd set it for 475 not 375.  The first batch was totally burt, but then i put the oven at the right temperature and the second batch came out really well.  I am definatly going to be baking more often now (i hope).

Oh, and Kushiel's Dart is evil I tell you, pure evil. 

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