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last night I had two dreams.

In the first one, Aerith and I had an apartment/house (I can't remember). Anyway, we had a kitty and there were people over playing with it. Then someone was like "what about the puppy?" I went into the bedroom? with the wooden floor. There was a large cage and a puppy in it. I think that we had all forgotten about him. I let him out of the cage and he was hobbling around b/c we had kept him in there for so long, because we just didn't remember that he was there. He had white fur. He was sad, and I was so sorry that we had totally forgotten about him and that we crippled him because of it. I just had this huge feeling of guilt (i might have been crying).

Now I can't remember my other dream. Damn it. I remember that it was the one that i really wanted to remember. grrr. maybe it will come back to me.
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