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just a quick entry

a quick entry before I go pick up sundart and kjpepper so I can bbq them...i mean have them over for a bbq. yeah...that's it. :)

today as this red van passed me on the highway I noticed that it belonged to some cosmetic company (it was written on the side) and then i saw that the licenceplate read "makeup" hehehehe.

also no matter if one has cruise control on and what one's urges are one should not drive while sitting in the lotus position. not that i did, but i was very tempted.

right, i have more to say, espcially about the monsters (oh what monsters they are, as kjpeper's copy of Kushiel's Chosen would attest to) but I must get going now.

Edit: I also wanted to mention that I got stuck by a passing train on the way home from work. about 4-5 of the box cars had anti-bush sentiments on them. all I could think of was how appropreate for it to go through someplace like NoHo b/c i could just imagine angry drivers getting even angrier waiting for this train to go past.

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