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last weekend was good.  friday night/saturday morning was hanging out with my boys :)

saturday was Crusaders Game.  Went well, even with the mistakes we were making.  At one point we were walking back from getting food and safirerings and I got cat called even though we were walking w/5-6 boys.  maybe they were congradulating us or something *shrug*

sunday was just hanging around the house and playing w/the monsters.

monday George showed up, Aerith kept dropping things and I broke a pickle jar next to my car.  pickle juice + hot pavement = very stinky.  but it all got better after dinner.

yesterday we had kjpepper and sundart over for a bbq.  they are good people.  i need to see them more often.  yes i do!  I did ok bbqing, but we ran out of charcol and the turkey burgers wouldn't stay together and we didn't cook the veggies long enough...but everyone had fun and was full by the end.

today is swimming when i get home from work (if it's nice enough out, i hope it is)

tomorrow we will watch the last 2 eps of Firefly.  then back to trek.

friday evening is the start of VACATION!

saturday is the faire.

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