June 12th, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer

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So, after not using this thing FOR EVER i've decided that i might at well pick it up again. mainly b/c i am bored at work right now. actually, i have a lot to do at work, mostly picking up slack from a co-worker who called in sick today. good for her! actually, we are good friends, but still, grrrr.

i guess i should get back to work.
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wear a mask, elhoffer


i had a lot to say, but now i can't think of it. work is quiet again. that's good. i've been reading lots of these things of my friends. it's strange. you learn a lot more about them this way. makes me wonder if i'm "deep" enough or something. *shrug*

I'm still not sure how much i'll want to say here. i'm not too comfortable with people knowing so much of my own life.

i have my period. it hurts. aerith says he's trying to understand, but he doesn't always. we had a big fight about it last night, but it's better now. there's nothing like someone you love calling you at work and promising to barbaque you stakes for dinner. yummy. we just got a grill. i wish the pain would go away. it's been good for most of the day, but now it sucks again. I guess I should have changed my tampon earlier, but work got busy.

i just want to roll up into a ball and lie in bed with my love rubbing my back. but i'll probably have to clean up and stuff. oh well.

45 min to go.