June 13th, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer


So, this was my dream last night:

Aerith and I were driving down a street (with a small median). Aerith went through a light when it was yellow and then almost red, but in this world there was a spot for the red light, but it didn't come on. so the lights went green, yellow, blank. or at least that's how it looked to me. anyway, we kept on driving down the road and then we had to take a turn. there was a yellow arrow and aerith took it, even though it had gone blank. or maybe it went blank before he turned, but he turned anyway. then the cars from the other direction were coming and he tried to turn into the flow of traffic (even though we were supposed to go straight across the road, but he couldn't make it. I slunk down into my seat because i didn't want to see. I don't remember the actual crash happening, but all of a sudden I was the one in the drivers seat. I peaked my head up and said something like "please don't let the front be smashed again" but when i looked it was really smashed up badly. I'm not sure if either of us were crying. then i woke up.