June 18th, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer

the weekend

all in all i had a good weekend.

saturday aerith, threegee, and I went to Six Flags. we went on the scream again. OMG!! What a rush!! I wasn't going to scream, but i did. i guess that's why they call it that. then we met up with Amythyst, Fox, and Alison. They went to the water park and we walked around a bit more (but the line for the superman was soooo huge that we decided to forget it). then we went to the water park, but we couldn't find the girls. we wandered around for 2 hours (and went on some rides too) but didn't see them. Oh well. I really like the water park, but we all got sunburned. I didn't get it as badly as the guys (haha, i'm not a pale, skrawny white boy). So, now i am nice and tan and the olive coloring in my skin is sbowing. i'd like it more if the slight redness on my face went down just a little bit.

so, after the park, we cleaned up the apartment (shock of shocks) with the expectation that the girls and some others were coming over to bbq, but only 2 people showed up. it seems as if Amythyst and Fox were too tired to show. that saddens me a little b/c i really wanted them to come over. oh well. i'm sure there'll be more times for bbqs in the future.

after Alison went home, aerith played ffvii and i read "The Invisible Ring" for a while.

on sunday i read the rest of "The Invisible Ring". I really liked it. I can't wait to read more of Ann Bishop's work!
Aerith played more FFVII. he was breading Chocobos. When he was racing them we were betting 3 kisses per race as to who would come in second (b/c my love usually would come in first). by 11pm I was at 4 and he was at 2. betting kisses is fun ;)

I also called my dad and now i have a 30% chance of getting his car when he goes to Europe next year. well, 30% is better than almost none, so i'm excited.

so, now i'm at work and I wish that Pat had the GO-LIVE thing ready so i wouldn't be bored. but at least i have The Hobbit with me.
wear a mask, elhoffer

web comics

there is this web comic that i really like. it's called FANS. it can be found here. It's a continous story, so the best thing to do is to go back to the start of the series and read it all the way through.
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