June 26th, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer


Let's see if i can remember my dream from last night:

I remember that Aerith, some short person (maybe a younger person - like a young teenager) and I were escorting this young woman (probably about 18) around a city that looked like something between the French Quarter and a wild west or another southern town (maybe the Quarter years agO).

We were in the hotel suit area and i decided to go out and wander alone and then later i met up with Aerith and the short one, but our lady had dissappeared. and i was really angry with myself for wandering off when i was supposed to be looking after the lady (i guess i was a lady in waiting or something). I remember looking up and down the streets like looking up and down aisles of a grocery store because the city was layed out in a grid. We had gotten together again after splitting up to look for her and i thing she might have shown up or we all saw her. but then i woke up.
wear a mask, elhoffer

Yaks and the moon

So, last night was my D&D game. We are in ravenloft.

it started out by Thillan having to heal Crick. Later we find out that Crick was trying to see what was following us and the DEVIL that is leading the army decided to pay him a visit. not fun.

So, we got off the boat in this small town and Falla's player (who is 12 IRL and will be known now as witch-child) asked our GM (who plays Crick) what were the names of the inns. He said "The Otter", "The Crow" and then he was going to say something else, but stopped himself. We all wanted to know what, but he couldn't say, so he wrote it down. It turns out that he came up with the name "The Sodimized Yak". Everyone got to see the paper except for witch-child. We were all laughing really hard and making jokes like "there are no stables" and "rooms on the first floor are cheeper" and cracking up laughing. Then we decided to go to "The Otter" and their was a sign that said "slippery when wet" and someone (i think it was Aerith) said "too bad it's not called the Beaver". Again, everyone but witch-child laughed. One day when she is older, someone will say something and a lightbulb will go off in her head and she will laugh for hours. It would be fun to be around for that!
The rest of the game was fun. Falla turned into a tiger 7 days early and killed 3 townfolk, so she had to kill them when they arose as undead 24 hours later. And Aerith's character (Aerith) keeps trying to get my character (Cecily) into bed, but she's a 6' tall human and he's a short elf, so i don't think it will happen.

Next week we are having a bbq and watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail b/c witch-child hasn't seen it and i think it's time to start her education. I think i might bring my play-doh and run a game of clay-o-rama, but i'm not sure. It should be fun hanging out with the group b/c they are really fun people.

On our way home from the game, as Aerith was getting off the on-ramp to 91, i saw the cresent moon in the sky. it was HUGE and low down to the horizon. It was such a beautiful divine-afferming moment and it made me very happy. :)