July 5th, 2001

BA just born with mommy

life update

I just realize I haven't posted in ages. I guess cause there really isn't anything all THAT exciting going on in my life.

sunday: went to a Toy party at Mori's house. it was so much fun. and then we all went in the pond behind her house and played with the noodles :)

monday: Corupted the youth! Instead of gaming, we had a bbq at the Evil GM's house. I had some venison. it wasn't bad. then afterwards we watched Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail because witch-child had never seen it. I think that at 12 years old she needs to see such things :). She liked it but said that she'd never go near white bunnies agian *L*

tuesday: HAVEN!! They played Blackmore's Night "Shadow of the Moon", Rhea's Obession "Between Earth and Sky", and Lorenna McKennit "Mummer's Dance" all in a row!!! My feet hurt so much by the end of that set, but i didn't fall down once. And Aerith even danced to the last too!! We tried to stay really late, but we got tired and left sometime after 1am.

wed: Watched Titan AE. not a good movie. only cool thing was that they named the new earth Planet Bob. Played Gauntlet Dark Legacy for the PS2. not much of a change from Gauntlet Legions, but some new characters and slightly new levels. I wish it had been somewhat of a different plot. Of course Jonathan is MUCH better at it than i am, going up levels faster and getting more shit than me. GRRR, not fair. why can't i be as good as him? what does the god of rpg video games have against me? i'll do better tonight, i swear it!!