July 10th, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer

kitten whiskers

so, last night we decided to let the hell beast in with us when we went to sleep. did you know that when you are asleep and kitty whiskers touch your arm tickling it, you might think it's a bug and freek out, until you wake up and see the kitty there staring at you? I found that one out last night at 4:30am.

not much else to write. the quest for the car is going slightly better. have to call a State Farm agent today during lunch and see what can be done and how much it would cost and so on. eeep. i'm kind of scared about the whole thing. but i really want the car.

Fires at Midnight comes out today. Got confermation of shipping. I hope it comes soon!!!
wear a mask, elhoffer

Ren Mad-Lib

So, being bored at work (no, that never happens), I ran across some renissance mad-libs on the NY Ren Faire site. Here is what Amythyst and I came up with:

Oh unhappy I kiss. My tree I have given in troth to my wet love, Jack Daniells. With a nose as smelly as a oblisk and a voice which sends feet to bedroom, Jack Daniells is all quill pen in mine eyes. 'Twere it not for Jack Daniells 's dastardly step-cousin in law we would married be already. God's coccyx be that hard relation, for Jack Daniells and I should e'en now be jumping together in marital bliss. Would that I were a purple plunger, such impediments should not read and I would but drink Jack Daniells from his/her belly button and we would ride together upon my bold chimney into the midnight to live slowly ever after.
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wear a mask, elhoffer

end of car saga

well, this is the end of the fight for the car. I lost. No car for me for next year. major suckage! I think my daddy decided this last night, even though i went ahead and got the quotes and everything. grrrrrrrrrr.

maybe if i win the lottery in the next two days. right. ha. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

i was really hoping to have that car. it would have made life really awesome.

but at least he's still going to go half with me on horse-back riding and cimmy and i are going to get to go to Europe next summer to visit him.

i'm still upset. but i didn't cry.
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