July 23rd, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer


On saturday aerith and I went to go visit his family out in Eastern Mass and then we went to see BNL!!!! They were wonderful, as always. They started off with "Straw Hat and Dirty Old Hank", one of my all time faves. They also played "Some Fantastic", Aerith's fave from Stunt. I love the way they can improv the silliest things; they sang a whole song about how Ed bought an electronic dog :)

on sunday we went to Essex and I tried lobster. Not bad. not as good as crawfish. I also tried clams (ok) and scallops (ick). Then we went back to where aerith used to live and got some really good ice cream at this place called Kimbals.

I really had a good weekend. Aerith's nephew Nate is one of the greatest kids. we got him a nerf 20 mini-dart gun thing. He really liked it :) If I was around him more I'd start reading him the Hobbit. Oh well.