July 24th, 2001


dull razors suck!

so, i just shaved the bottom parts of my legs with a dull razor blades and my skin was covered in chlorine (since i just went swimming). i knew i needed to change the blade. ick. but i don't think i nicked myself, so that is good. I want to get a Venus razor! It was one of those up and down showers. At first we were all lovey and then my conditioner ran out so i got pissy, but Aerith put water in the bottle and so i had just enough to cover my hair.

The pool was nice and swimming was fun. Aerith and I did some noodle master ninja fighting. It made me wish that Kiten was there to join in. Well, I will get her tommorow. *evil bad kung foo movie laughter*

Now I have to make dinner. I don't want to but Aerith is being all whiny and declaring that he's not going to Haven and since I am, even though he wants me to stay home, I have to make dinner. Fine with me, but i'm going to Haven! I want to see all of my friends. Now I just have to figure out what to wear.