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Athene Numphe
25 July 2001 @ 09:26 am
I can't remember much of my dream. All i know is that i was trying to tell my dad's "Stupidity" joke to some male (maybe Swan?) but he kept being distracted so i was telling it in pieces and I was having trouble remembering all the words at the fast parts. I KNOW there was more, but i can't remember it.
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Athene Numphe
25 July 2001 @ 11:44 am
so, i ended up not going to haven anyway b/c food didn't get done till late (frozen chicken doesn't broil well) and swan, kiten, and mori stopped by around 8:30-9, and i was really just going to see them and a few other people.

so aerith and i stayed home. we finished watching La Blue Girl. yay for hentai *G*

then...well, that's way too much tmi, so i'll let you read more if you want.
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