August 1st, 2001

BA just born with mommy

Light Up the Sky

so, yesterday I went to my first rehearsal of Light Up the Sky. It was fun. The woman who i'm supposed to take care of (who is the VP of Boston Equity, not the prez) is actually not too bad and we get along fine. I am having so much fun. I forgot how much i miss the theatre. I was so happy just to be sitting backstage with a headset on reading by blue light. And the play is really really funny. So, i'll have no life and i'll be working two jobs for a little more than a week, but I LOVE THEATRE!!!
BA just born with mommy


i can remember 2 dream, or maybe they were one dream with two parts.

First there were some people and we were going somewhere and then a car stoped and asked me (i was alone) where some place was. the funny thing is that I think we were in Ithaca. I had trouble directing them.

Then I was in this building and i was running around, but doors were locking behind me. My jeans (the black ones with the flowers - that i am wearing today actually) were in the costume shop but the costume shop was closed. Then Linsday (who is running lights for Light Up the Sky) was there too and she was also looking for black jeans with flowers on them. We knew that our pants were in there, but i was really worried that Linsday would get my pants and I wouldn't be able to get any pants at all. (i was wearing clothing this entire time, just in case you were wondering).

Well, that's what i can remember.
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