August 16th, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer

owl, net radio, call tracking, and other things

On monday witch-child gave me an owl pendant that she found at a tag sale and it made her think of me. It really means a lot to me. Not only because it was a present from her but also because I've been feeling like i've been loosing my connection with Athena lately (although I've picked up crochetting again to try and regain the connection). i think that the owl is a sign that she still cares and is watching over me. :)

I've found the coolest net radio station. 4 different streams of 80s, goth, darkwave, industrial stuff. i tend to listen to the first three b/c the last one is too industrial for me. But this way i'll get to learn more about the music/bands that i really like.

the call tracking system is ok. I'm starting to see the good things about it, although sometimes it's just a hassel.

amythyst hasn't been doing too well lately. I'm worried about her. I wish she would talk to me, at least so i could hug her. but she is going home tommorow. i hope she finds what she needs there.

talking about going home, i'll be going home on tuesday. i'm excited. i miss my mommy. she is the best mother in the world!!!!!

i have a huge bruse on my leg from Haven. :( It's Bjorn's fault. he picked me up and let me down too close to the edge of the box where the cage used to be. I found out that Mike has sold prYsm, so that may be the last time I ever walk out of that club's doors after Haven *pout* that's not cool. It's MY CLUB!!! It's where I feel at home. it's my haven in many sences of the word. it was also probably the last time i'll see skennedy for a while b/c she is going to Ireland. Damn it i'm going to miss that girl!!!!!! But I really did have fun at haven. the music was pretty good and i got to talk to a lot of people and have a lot of good conversations.

i almost forgot to mention that i went to the Hampshire County jail yesterday to see the performance that Aerith was working on. It was really good. it was two stories, one about someone who had been in 59 homes and the other about a household of brothers and their family and how they were struggeling to make it in the world. it was such a powerful play. And the movement piece at the end was amazing. I feel blessed just to be able to see this. It's sad that these kids have to give up some of their life because of things they did. they all seemed pretty cool. i am still in awe of what i saw.


my love has the most beautiful blue eyes.

now back to your regularly schedualed program.
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