September 7th, 2001


the house

I have a good feeling about this house this year. I think I'll really like living here again. I'm glad I've decided to stay.

The people here seem really nice and there are some cool people who moved in.
Got to hang out with lovely Layna yesterday. Saw Miss. Priss out of her window. All of my feelings of anger and sadness came back to me. They usually do the first time I see her each school year. I wish things could have gone differently between us. I wish I could get her to forgive. Hell, i wish i could talk to her again with out her screaming "I hate you! Never talk to me again!" I'd tell her I was sorry about NYC. I'd tell her I was wrong. I'd tell her i'd like things to be civil between us. I don't know if we have anything in common anymore, but I really would like to bring this to an end. But her hate is too strong. I guess we will go on pretending the other doesn't exist. At least most of the house isn't even aware of our anti-relationship.

I need to buy the futon. and to find my cloak. oh, and get dressed and eat breakfast too :)