September 17th, 2001

BA just born with mommy


Just got a poster of Magritte's Empire of Light I. Then I was looking at my postcards and realized that I really like his Empire of Light II better. Oh well. I'll put it underneith the large poster so i have both of them. Now I can finish decorating my room. I hope I have enough Sticky Tac, somehow I don't think I do. Oh dear. well, we'll seee. And I keep breaking the push-pins. Just goes to show that i suck at using a hammer.

Damn I love Magritte's art work!!! he's the coolest!!!

had a good weekend. hung out at Aerith's and baked cookies.

on sunday i went to the paganalia, which was a lot of fun and i got to hang out with some really cool people!!!

ok, time to work on the room!

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