October 4th, 2001

BA just born with mommy


I just saw Shrek for the 4th (!!!) time. This time it was at Smith. Shopgrrl was there. She is so spunky and cute. There was a seat next to her. We had so much fun watching it together (we were even holding hands by the end). And everyone in the theatre was cracking up laughing so much so that some jokes totally got lost. It was great seeing it with a HUGE group of Smithies. Why I love Smith number 587.

Afterwards I walked by Amythyst's house. Her light was on and her window open. So i called out to her. She came to her window laughing, which was good because she's sick. She told me that it felt like Romeo and Juliet. So...I started to recite Romeo's "Hark what light..." speach. I actually knew almost all of it. She was laughing. No, I SWEAR it, we are NOT dating. *G*