November 5th, 2001

BA just born with mommy


First: The Samhain ritual went amazingly well!!! There were a LOT of people there and I think they all got something out of it. I know that I did. When I was Justice, I WAS Justice. There wasn't enough cider at the feast. there never is :) The walk through NoHo was wonderful, but sad as I realized that this may just be the last Smith Samhain ritual that I am involved in. But walking back from the beep-boop crossroads in the front of the whole group singing my heart out was just wonderful. When we got back to Tyler, there was still a TON of energy left in the room. It made my whole body tingle!!!

Then my sister came to stay for the weekend!! She got to see my room and my cat and meet some of my friends at the game and stuff. It made me happy. Yes, cimmy, I am worried about you. I love you! We had a bunch of good heart to hearts.

Then Aerith's D&D game went really well. Slinky-boy couldn't make it, but everyone else was there. I am soclose to becoming a fifth level cleric. We killed the evil elven mage and got inducted into the elven nation. A very good game. I am having so much fun playing it. Even if Aerith is trying to screw us over twelve ways from sunday.

That night...well...lets just say that sometimes it IS good dating the DM *evil grin*

Sunday we watched Krull. Why, oh god, why??? Then Cimmy left and I got some work done while Aerith was at the gym.

This morning i have to go meet with the head of the Classics Department about the webpage and about classes for next semester. So far this is what I am thinking of taking: Latin - The Aenead, American Theatre and Drama, Interactive Web Design (2 credits), Horseback Riding 2, and History of Opera (pass/fail). Yup, that sounds good to me. a nice 15 credits for second semester senior year.