December 17th, 2001


R2-D2's favorite word is "cocksucker"

took my Greek exam this morning. three hour exams should be illegal. but i think i did well on it. hey, it's OVER and that's the important part. now onto the 10 page paper due thurs. and then i'm out of here.

on sat ambermoon now to be called Nayone came over to Aerith's and we watched George of the Jungle which was just the silly mindless funny that i needed and Clerks and then Mallrats in the morning. All three of us were cuddling a lot. it was nice.
Aerith's mom was around earlier in the morning and she took Aerith and I out to breakfast/lunch and then to get chocolate. hurray for chocolate!!

on friday SSFFS did (not) watch all three Star Wars movies (not) in Seelye. It was a lot of fun. Aerith showed up part of the way through ANH. Nayone sat on his lap for all of ESB. :) We all had so much fun yelling out things. I think a new tradition of reading the openings, including every punctuation has been started. Some of the better lines included littejane's "Do not try to gender R2-D2. R2-D2 surpasses gender." My "Only Luke can start forest fires" during the speeder races of ROTJ. and Aerith's "I guess that's what they call a shag" after our making sugestive comments about the "I'd rather kiss a Wookie" coments. but the best thing of all had to be the decision that R2-D2 is a foul-mouthed little fucker and hir favorite word is "cocksucker" which ze will call just about anyone whenever ze can. Damn I *LOVE* my ssffsians!!