December 24th, 2001

wear a mask, elhoffer

at home

well, i am safely at home. On my sister's laptop (much thanks to her and Natasha - the laptop). aerith and i have been working to find the nasty smell in my mom's kitchen. he cleaned the freazer and we cleaned the fridge (and i broke on of the glass shelves) but the smell was still there. Today I was cleaning up some of the pots that were lying around and two of them smelled really really almost made me retch. i think that i found the oder. hurray. i hope the smell is gone now. well, i really should get back to cleaning.

it's much warmer here than in NoHo. not hot hot, but at least it's not cold. Aerith was complaning about it *G*
wear a mask, elhoffer

Kevin Smith Girl Poll

This is soooooo funny!!!!!! (The poll is really funny for all Kevin Smith fans!)

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You are passionate about what you want out of life, and some have even described you as coarse. But deep down inside you have a good heart and that's all that matters. Actually...all that really matters is that your boyfriend is Brodie!
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