January 15th, 2002

wear a mask, elhoffer


last night's dream was really really weird. let me see if i can remember most of it.

it started off with going to Franklin (my highschool) and there was a whole thing about how i was getting there and driving and stuff. and then i was driving a friend of mine (this girl who lived down the street from me and goes to hampshire) to NOCCA (my other highschool) but we were only going twice a week or something like that. and then Amythyst wanted to come along also. and there was a debate about who was to drive.

there was something in there about being in a classroom and aerith was there too and I think Nora Crow (who is a college prof that i HATE) was teaching the class, but i wasn't paying attention because my parents had recenly split and I was upset about it or something.

then i was at NOCCA and it was some sort of combo between the old and new building. it was the second week of school and i realized that i was supposed to be going every day, but i hadn't been, because i hadn't known to. I couldn't find my class because things were all moved around. Then the next day my class was in the old library, but it had this big square table with an open inside. it was Janet's class and there were all sorts of books and plays on the table, but no one would tell me which text we were supposed to be studding.

Then something came over the intercom system about my sister b/c she went to NOCCA too or something. She was upset about our parent's break up. I went down to the office and I had a big stuffed black cat with me that i was hugging. and she was crying and we were hugging and crying and stuff.

that's really all i can remember. hmm...strange.
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Just reminding everyone in the Northampton Area, that tonight Haven at Diva's (formerly Club Metro) from 9pm - 2am. 18+. must have valid ID.

I will be there in the shirt my sis gave me for x-mas and a big poofy skirt. YAY for HAVEN!!!!