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Athene Numphe
17 January 2002 @ 01:45 am
Last night was Haven at Diva's. How totally wonderful! I had a great time. The place looked so nice. The bathrooms were clean and I really liked what they did with the bar area and the back room and stuff.

The music was good too. I really really enjoyed either listening to it, or dancing to it. It was so nice to hear again. I mean, I have "goth" stuff on my comp, but not everything that they have. Got to dance with Wolfboy for Mummers Dance. Hurray. I love dancing with him. And I got to dance with Aerith for Voices Carry. OMG, when I heard that song at the end of the night, i almost cried. it was so wonderful. Aerith is sexy...but that's another story. Also danced with Little Jane. Didn't get to dance with skennedy. oh well. And danced w/Buffie for Magic Dance. Yay for David Bowie!!!!!!

My toe didn't hurt me at all, which I was worried about, wearing heals and all. well, it did twindge once for a moment, but that was all. My right knee did hurt me by the end of the night, but i haven't been dancing in AGES, so is understandable.

It was good seeing people again. There were so many people that I hadn't really realized that I was missing. There were a few people who weren't there, but I will be dragging them soon. (yes, Nayone you are one of them).

It was home. In every way. I knew where to dance, where certain people were going to be, how to walk around corners. It felt right. And the place LOOKED great. I was so happy to be there. I think that Wolfboy had it right when he said, "We were in a barn (Pearl St), then a closet (Grotto), and now we're home." So true. So true.

Yes, Cimmy, I got many compliments on the shirt. Thank you again. it was wonderful.

And the best part is...
So, next week, at DIVA's. 9pm-1am. cover $5 for 21+, $7 for 18-20. See y'all there!!!!
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Current Music: random mp3s from Aerith's comp
Athene Numphe
17 January 2002 @ 03:18 pm
So, last night I dreamed that I was at NOCCA in the Lab and there were two sheets of paper, one was to have been done for homework (to be handed in that day) and the other was to be done right then. well...for some reason i hadn't done the homework one. and Aerith was there happily filling out the assignment for the day. So, i went and took a seat and tried to do the homework one, but I had to keep scratching things out because they were wrong and people kept interrupting me and stuff. the someone (an unrecognizable teacher or maybe Aerith?) came up behind me and put his arms on my arms and I snapped. I mean really went crazy. I just started screaming and screaming and shit. And then I was lashing out at everyone who was trying to calm me down.

then i was brought somewhere and there was a classroom, but it wasn't a nocca class room. and the door was open and i hear some people (Janet?) talking about me. So I started calling them motherfuckers and all sorts of curses. and the teacher(s) ran out to get help or something and I started yelling at the students. then I ran out of the room.

I was going down the side stairs, but they were outside, when someone (i think it was a young Kent) grabbed my arm and asked me to wait. I didn't understand, but then a bunch of level 1s (the looked really young) started some music and did this whole choreographed dance for me. It was really cool (i wish i could remember it). I started laughing and smiling and it pulled me out of my insanity. I remember holding hands with some of them in a line and going back upstairs.

Mommy was up there. I had hurt her when I was crazy, b/c i didn't know it was her. She said that it was ok. Then we went downstairs and the car pulled up. Cimmy was driving, my Bro was in the passengers seat and he leaned back to say HI to me. there was someone in the backseat, but i can't remember who.

Cimmy started driving somewhere. We were going to the grocery store because we had to go shopping, but she was taking this really weird way there because she was still learning how to drive. I was getting impatient and mom wasn't in the car.

that's all I can remember.
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