January 31st, 2002

wear a mask, elhoffer

fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Another fucking thing that i have to do today! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So it seems that i missed the meeting to sign up for horseback riding. Now i have to walk ALL THE WAY down to the stables and fill out the forms and give them my money. fuck fuck fuck. grrrrrrr.

I also have to meet with my adviser (the meeting time was pushed back), get money for food for Imoblc and handle other treasurer stuff, get the food/other things for Imoblc, go to ssffs officers dinner meeting, do a bunch of latin. have class. get some reading/research done.

fuck. i did not need a walk to the barn. not when i'm going to have to walk to Stop and Shop and not when the weather is going to suck ass. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. fuck fuck fuck.


At WAG. Made a new pic from my Senior picture. Made it my default. It changes all the default pics in the past. kind of annoying like that. oh well.

Don't want to leave. the weather sucks out. must leave. have run all of my errands. walking to the stables wasn't that bad after all, but the weather got sucky on the way back. it was snowing nasty stuff that hurts. ran into Nayone in the Bookstore. Was the thrid time i had seen her, but the only one where i didn't plan to run into her. hey, i had a sucky morning. i am alowed to go out of my way to make myself feel better.

Must go now and start on homework. Have to go to the library and read something for class. Am NOT walking to Stop and Shop in the snow!