February 7th, 2002

wear a mask, elhoffer

tying together

I love it when all of my classes manage to tie themselves together. Sometimes it's a pain, but right now it's funny.

Right now everything is linking though my History of Opera class. First in my American Theatre and Drama class we were talking about the formation of comerical acting troupes. Guess what we are talked about in Opera? Comerical opera troups when Opera Houses started opening up. And, in my Latin class we are reading books I and IV of the Aeneid. I just had to listen to an opera for class called Dido and Aeneas (in english actually) that is based (very loosely in parts) on Book IV. Hehe. Life is weird. I think as long as I don't have to listen to an opera based on Uncle Tom's Cabin and sung in latin, I won't go crazy :)


so tired. so very tired. must stay awake. have only 9 lines left to translate. the must read 50 pages of Aeneid in english. must get translation done. can fudge reading b/c read before. must review though. must not fall asleep now. must go to bed early. back to latin.