March 19th, 2002

BA just born with mommy


So, Aerith rented this game "Grand Theft Auto 3" and on one of the radio stations there are adds for Well...I had to check and there really is a However, all it is is a front page and then all of the links point to the site of the game designers, but it's still funny!! :)

*sigh* i miss Nayone! I wish she was here so she could come to Haven w/us!

on that note, I should go and shower and shave for Haven tonight.

Post shower PS:
grrr...I'm lucky i shaved under my arms first! Ran out of shaving cream when i went to do my legs. Well...I'll just wear a long skirt tonight and buy more shaving cream tommorow!

oh, and CassieClaire has an excerpt from the VSD of Sauron up now!