March 29th, 2002



So, last night I was in bed by 12, but didn't fall asleep until 1:30 or so. This was mainly b/c as I was nodding off I realized I was thinking about Sandman and I had to make myself stop thinking about it b/c I had this feeling that it wouldn't be the most healthy thing to have in my head right before I started to sleep (espcially b/c of where i am in the series).

But, I did have a dream:
I went over to Aerith's apartment for Wed. night game and went into his room and everything was moved around. He had rearranged. I got really freeked out b/c he blocked off the closet with all of my stuff in it and there were other reasons too. So then I went to the dinning room and everyone was there and they had started playing the game I am DMing without me. I got really upset at them and told them that all of their characters were dead. Then I remember having an afterthought that I should have made them all roll a save vs. death with a DC of 30-something and tell them that it was a trap they didn't see. Then i was in Aerith's room again and i was throwing a fit on the bed b/c his room was all different and i just couldn't handle it. At some point in all of this I went to take a shower and was trying to lock the door (b/c of the number of people around), but the door wouldn't lock. the thing would turn, but it wouldn't lock it. That's all i can remember.

Then my body woke me up at 7am. bad body.