April 5th, 2002


Rest in Peace

October 13, 2000 - April 5, 2002

Specter at the window

Hell-beast, brat, beloved cat.

Today lordaerith came home to find Spectre stiff and lifeless in 3Gs closet. We don't know how it happened. We are blaming ourselves: "I should have seen the signs." "We should have called the vet." etc. I feel very numb. I didn't believe him at first. But then I saw the cat with my own eyes. He was my first cat. Aerith is taking this very hard. I grieve silently because I must be there for him. Nayone is here too. That is good. The more love that people have around them when tragedy strikes, the better.

I still don't believe it. he was our first cat. I was even thinking about when he was going to get older and when i had a kid how he was going to react. i was thinking about how i would deal with the grief the child felt when he died. But I guess it will never happen.

An air of heaviness sits on the apartment tonight.

Good-bye Spectre. May you rest in peace.