April 23rd, 2002


Blessed Be and Halliluah

Well...I would just like to say that the ASP retreat went really really well.

On friday we got there around 8pm (my ETA!) and got settled and then showed people who hadn't been there before around. This ended in an impromptu ritual. yay yay.

then a whole bunch of us went into the hot tub. there was lots of nakedness and lots of "who ever i might be molesting, i'm sorry."

"what do you call 12 pagans in a hot tub?"
"A self-cleaning coven."

I guess there was an Earthquake at somepoint, but i didn't feel it at all. *L* I've always been so afraid of earthquakes and i slept through my first one.

On saturday we just took an easy day, chilling, talking, reading. I fell back asleep for a few hours after lunch. it was nice.

Then we planned Beltane. Yay for Beltane. I got to be the goddess as the "maiden/warrior/mother." It was really really powerful. We worked on the idea of beings coming together to create life (not just in the male/female dicotomy). I'd write more, but a lot of it is a very happy blur.

Then there was more hottubbing. :)

The next morning we did ASP business stuff, and then packed up to leave.

When we were about to leave, i had everyone stand in a circle and, as the only senior, i left each of them something special(either phyical or some words) . I hope that it becomes a tradition that continues.

Good Things

  • Being at Touchstone Farms
  • Getting Sleep
  • Hottub fun
  • Bonding with lots of wonderful people
  • Being espically close to Nayone, whom I love so very much!
  • DidI mention Nayone?
  • All the good conversations with people "... and then I came to Smith and joined ASP."

Bad things

  • This being the last retreat i will go on as a smith student.
  • Having 3 Anxiety dreams:

    • Friday 1 - Drempt about breaking up with Aerith (over a silly reason) and then going to Nayone's room, but she was leaving to go to a meeting, so I was very alone and scared.
    • Friday 2 - Drempt there was a ritual at Smith and it was going all wrong. Then I was in another dimention and things got really strange.
    • Saturday - Drempt that there was a test in Latin class which i didn't know about until i got to class b/c i missed class on Friday (that was the Catholic's fault *G*, long story).

  • Stepping on something during the Belate ritual that put a small hole in my foot (post on that coming soon).

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wear a mask, elhoffer

My crappy two days!

I have been having a crappy two days.

So, sunday Aerith sugested that I go to Heath Services to have them look at the hole in my foot and to see when my last tetnus shot was.

On monday in riding class, i finally go to ride Cat, but she spooked and I lost one of my stirrups and almost fell off, but didn't. So I switched to Whimsy. Then we learned how to cantar. The horse bucked her head when she cantared. It freeked me out a little bit.

After riding I hobbled over to health services. Took a nice 20 min nap in the waiting room. So, they looked at my foot (couldn't find anything IN the hole) and at my chart and gave me my overdue tetnus shot and made me soak my foot in this stuff that turned my foot yellow.
So now i have to soak my foot in warm water three times a day for 20 min and then put some stuff on it. (guess where my foot is now!)

Aerith was really sweet and came and got me last night and took care of me in my grumpy foot and arm hurtingness. :)

So, today I went to both of my classes (even though I wanted to skip). I was in my room and my daddy called me from Denmark and started yelling at me to get my passport and stuff and didn't care that my arm is killing me and that i'm in a crappy mood. So I yelled "FUCK YOU", hug up, and forwarded my phone to voicemail. Got a message from him which was very appologetic. Called him back. Cried a lot. made up.

Walked into town and found the passport place. Hobbled over to CVS. Got a half-way decent passport photo (got to love digital cameras). Hobbled back to passport place. Sent in forms and payed the nice people.

Hobbled back here. Got ex-pickle bucket from kitchen. Filled it with hot water. Dunked foot.

so, now my arm hurts, my foot hurts AND smells slightly of pickle. I haven't gotten anything that i WANTED to get done (in terms of homework) done. blarg. not happy. I ouch. at least Aerith and Nayone are being really sweet through all of this.