May 9th, 2002


opera paper

time to start working on the opera paper. this will be a new experience for me because i've never made a paper from a typed and really detailed outline before. but i have my outline with my prof's comments, the opera cds and librettos, and my remote control, so i am ready to go.

why my remote control??? because I have a 5 cd disc changer. so right now I have Rigoletto and La Traviata in it. This way i can have them in the background for inspiration and skip to scenes when i need to talk about specific things *G*
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    verdi - rigoletto


DONE!! I am done!!! I just finished my last paper!! (ok, so i need to give it a once over to check for major errors and turn it in.) Basically I am done, finished. I have compleated four years of college. Now give me that damn diploma already!!!!!
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    verdi's Aida