June 3rd, 2002


leaving Denmark

well...this is my last day in Denmark.

Frenchman, if you are reading this, we are still looking for a place to stay in Paris. Please contact me via athene@livejournal.com

Yesterday we went to this tower that was 300ish feet up and got a nice view of Aalborg (and some women in bikinis sunbathing in their yards (: ).

Then we went to Tivoli which is an amusement park. it was pretty cool. nothing as great as Six Flags, but a lot of fun. There was this rollercoster that only had one small loop, so I went on it with dad. the loop wasn't that bad at all, so i went on it again. *G* (Aerith, you should be proud of me). We also did bumper cars and some other stuff.

well...time to go shopping in Aalborg for the last time and then fly to paris for the night and then train to amsterdam.

will write again when i can.
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