June 5th, 2002


not stone yet

hi again from an internet place in amsterdam.

today was a busy day.

we got up and went on a one-hour canal cruise. it was really nice. Got to see this big boat that looked like it was a pirate ship. it's a museum, but i don't think we can make it there. the cruise really helped to give us a feel for the city. (ugh, this keyboard SUCKS)

Then after a quick change (we thought it was going to be warm, but it became chilly and rainy), we walked to Anne Frank's House. I'm not even sure there are words for it. They had redone it since I had been there. We were actually aloud in her room. The amount of sadness in that room was overwellming. Afterwards, Cimmy wrote a poem about it.

Then we went on a tour of the tower of the largest prodestent church in Europe (i think). The tour guide was REALLY REALLY CUTE and had the best british accent even though he was Dutch (don't worry, Aerith, I only flirted a little) (Nayone, I got a picture with him!!! *G*) The tower was really amazing. The best part was the view from the 6th floor (which was as high as we could go b/c the rest was made of wood).

Then we walked by the Dam, which is an amazing square. Then we went to find where the Dutch East India company was based, but it was hard to find. I think i figured out which building it was, but there wasn't a plack or anything. The stores around there were really nice. There was this pretty purple skirt, but i didn't get it. There was also a goth clothing store, but a lot of it was Lip Service, which i can find in the states.

We just had dinner and soon we are going out for "a night on the town" or something like that.
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