June 6th, 2002

wear a mask, elhoffer

last night in Amsterdam

well...tonight is my last night in Amsterdam. *sigh* I really like it here. I feel like there are three streets that Cimmy and I have walked up and down and up and down. From the Dam to Central Station and back again :)

Last night was an experiance! We got some pot and had some fun. The only problem was that I kept coughing from the smoke. Oh well. Walked around the Red Light District a little bit. It's so interesting to see these women in the windows. Prostitution is legal here, but they aren't allowed to solicet. So they just stand in the windows in their bra and underwear. I guess what it really interesting is when you walk by and the curtain is drawn and you know what is happening in there. Went into a sex shop or two also, but nothing really intersting.

Today we hit the Rijkmuesum and the van Gogh museum. Both are really amazing. Saw some beautiful paintings in the Rijkmuseum, lots of Dutch stuff like Vermeers and Rembrants. I think that the best stuff was the derative arts, stuff like 17th beds and cabinets (Aerith, you would have been drooling). But the most amazing was a huge fully furnished doll house. Just indescribable. And there was a nice Dancing Shiva too.

OMG! so many van Goghs! They were amazing! The color, the brush strokes. It was almost too much. I bought a million postcards. (well...more like 14).

That's pretty much it. have done a little bit of tourist shopping.

tommorow we go back to Paris. See you soon Frenchman. I have the directions.
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