July 1st, 2002

wear a mask, elhoffer

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i feel like i have to post. hmmm...

friday Aerith and I saw ART at New Century Theatre (where Aerith works as the carpenter). Nayone was ASMing. It was such an amazing play. Really deep and meaningful and yet funny at the same time. The actors did a good job. It was exciting.

Then...*censored* (see, Nayone, I can turn on my TMI switch sometimes.)

Saturday was Aerith's game. yay! We had fun, but i think that everyone was a little blah. maybe because of the hot weather and maybe because we just hadn't played in a while. I'm mad, if i had rolled ONE number higher I would have hit the vampire with searing light! oh well. but i was sooooo close!!!

sunday we went swimming (2nd time this summer) but i wore my old suit (not the new string side bikini) because i was getting my period (it didn't actually show up until around 8pm).

then we went to the strike of Art. I love working in the theatre. I had a lot of fun running cable all over the lighting grid and pulling up staples from the floor.

today has been kind of boring. but Kiten is going to the yoga class with me! yay! and then tonight Aerith, Nayone and I are going to dinner and a movie :)
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