July 4th, 2002


my elements

went swimming yesterday. I love the water. When I was swimming deep down in the deep end I realized that while air is my primary element, it is not the ONLY element that I am. I am also water, fire, and even earth.

I think that while I have a lot of air in me, i need to start recognizing the other elements, espcially water. I love water. I love the rain when it falls gentle and warm from the sky onto my skin. and I love swimming in pools, lakes, and oceans. i feel so free in the water.

as the air whips me around and raises me up, the water caresses me and gives me freedom.

i am the strong intellect of the air, but also the current of emotion that is water.

i must never forget this.
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BA just born with mommy


i have cherries. lots and lots of cherries. they are all mine! well...i may give Aerith a few.

we went to the store to get them. yay for cherries.
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    i can swallow cherry pits. can you?
BA just born with mommy

PPG movie

Just got back from the Powerpuff Girls Movie. It was ok. It was all about how they came into being and became the heros of Townsville. But as Aerith said, it draged. It was just too long. If they had cut it down to an hour, or even 45 minutes it would have been great. But it just went on and on like Mojo Jojo, but worse. It's a good thing that Nayone couldn't come with us. She would have been disgusted. At least there were a few cute lines for the adults and one very obvious "instert King Kong scene" here.

So, in short, don't waste your money. wait until Cartoon Network plays it on tv. over and over and over and over again
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