July 8th, 2002



Went to see Anton in Show Business at New Century Theatre over the weekend. It was pretty good. Not "oh my god wonderfuly go out and see it this minute," but not "don't ever see this ever ever ever." It's definatly a play for theatre people. So, i enjoyed it. And I really like some of the actresses in it. Actually, all the acting was really good. and the directing was good too. I just think that i'm not that fond of the play itself. oh well. at least Nayone looked hot when she was making the scene changes. there are something like 18 scene changes in a two hour show.

i can't wait to see The Importance of Being Earnest later on this season.
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Lilo and Stitch take 2

In case anybody cares, Nayone, Aerith and I are going to be seeing Lilo and Stitch (hopefully the WHOLE thing this time) at the Hampshire Mall at 8:30. all are welcome to join.