July 15th, 2002


the weekend

I had a really good weekend.

on Saturday I went to bellebet's and rogueactor's wedding. It was so beautiful. Bellebet looked gorgeous and Rogueactor was just beaming! The ceremony was nice. I really liked the part where they put a rose in a vase. No...there was no sexual imagrey there. :)

The reception was really nice too. Yay for sitting at the freek table :) Aerith made everyone snarf with his "Music to Masticate to" comment.

I've decided that when I get married the dj will have goth/industrial music as well as "normal" music. and there will be a list of songs that will not be played on pain of death. At the top of that list will be "We are family" because I HATE IT!!!!!!

After the wedding, persival and wabres came back to our place and we played Munchkin with them and Slinky and 3G. It was fun. i love playing Munchkin.

Yesterday kiten came over and we went swimming. Then Aerith and I went to the NCT changeover. I did mostly electrician work. So much fun!! I just love being up on the grid in trashy jeans with a wretch in my back pocket hanging lights. It's so much fun! The only bad thing was that i pinched off some skin on my left index finger which makes typing fun today.
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