July 22nd, 2002


cruxshadows, munchkin, party, and bike ride

Friday we went to the Dark Valley Music Festival mainly to see Cruxshadows. They rocked, as always. LL and I stood in front of Stacy again, but we were blocked from seeing her by this dancer on the stage. At least Rouge came and looked our way a number of times. I love Cruxshadows. I got a cd and had the insert signed by the band. yay yay.

saturday Aerith and i rearranged the living room to make room for the couches that Sophaeia sold us on friday. they are really nice. very comfy. you're supposed to put them together to make an L shape, but we decided to seperate them. So now we have a couch with only one arm (but we put it against a little table), and one with an arm on one side and a back on the other, which is great b/c it makes it really easy to lean against it and watch tv.

MY DADDY IS BACK IN THE STATES!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY. Even though the INS is taking forever letting his wife back into the states. she's nice. i hope she gets to come back soon b/c she makes daddy happy.

then the people for the game came over, but since Rev Tom wasn't going to be there we played Munchkin instead. I really like Muchkin. hehehe. i even almost won. i would have if i hadn't been hit with a "loose a level" curse.

then nayone came over and we all went to muninwing's party. I had a wonderful time. Found out that i really like white russians. :) Spent a long time talking with andrianna and verbena76 and Aerith and taz and MM. Then there was an orgy and Andri licked whisky off of me. Also spent some time in the Juggler's room. He has a closed circut video camera set up. it's weird watching yourself on tv. everything looks backwards.

i didn't want to get up on sunday. but aerith made me. which sucked and made me very whinny and grummpy.

at 2 we met up with Nayone and biked up to Look Park. ugh. i'm not very fast at this whole biking thing and i had to work really hard. but i made it. then we rode around look park. we visited the little zoo. I liked the owls. hmm...wonder why *G*. then i almost hit a woman and went and lay down on a bench "dead" for a while. finally we went back down the trail.

I got to play some Super Bust-A-Move which i totally r0x0r at! I'll take on any one of you in a game of it!

Then I ended up making dinner even though I didn't want to. oh well. and we watched Silent Movie. hehehe. I love that movie. it's so silly.

now i'm at work working on this dumb ass database. blech. i don't wanna do it!
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oh dear

it's really sad when you use www.whitepages.com to look up your father's phone number. granted he WAS in Europe all year and he had just moved right before then...but still.

oh well...off to call daddy
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