August 6th, 2002


bourne id

last night i dropped by the pagan pot-luck for a little while. Brought some Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans. and Tim? (my rabbit with big pointy teeth).

then Nayone, Aerith, and I went to see The Bourne Identity at the Acadamy of Music. We got in for free and got to sit in the balcony. hehe. knowing people is good :)

The movie was ok. I feel like it couldn't make up it's mind weither it wanted to be a suspence/thriller/drama or a action movie. It either needed more internal conflict or more action. And i think that the ending (not the very end, but the scene before it) was a little rushed. I don't know. I'm just unsatisfied with it. *shrug*

Aerith is on his way to visit his family. *sigh* I know that he has to go, but I'll miss him. It will be weird tonight. I'll have a big bed with no Nayone or Aerith to share it with. Oh well. hopefully i'll be going to Haven and so will be so tired afterwards that i won't notice.

i really should be getting some work done now. *sigh*
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