September 25th, 2002


(no subject)

Got a Mass Licence today and registered to vote here. Kind of scary. I still feel like New Orleans is my home. But I guess Mass is now. strange.

Mass is totally not like New Orleans. (duh) When i was at the registry I tried to talk with the lady behind the counter. To joke with her a little bit. But there wasn't a responce. In New Orleans there would have been. We would have had a really fun conversation. Oh well. At least my picture is good. If i have one talent in life it's to take good driver licence pics. :)

also did more car seaching today. Found a really nice 88 Toyota Camry. Going to have Acme check it out :) am v. excited b/c i really like this one and the price will leave me with money "in case of an emergancy."

the job hunt is going not so well. Got an e-mail from Yes: "Sorry, not you but we'll keep you on file". The temp place has a long term temp job at smith that they've sent my resume to *keep fingers crossed* also sent resume to some other places.

now i must go and make dinner. tonight is bathroom cleaning night oh joy oh bliss.