November 19th, 2002

BA just born with mommy

random bits

thinking. about a lot of things. aerith and i are getting a piece of paper signed today making our "domestic partnership" official. not sure how/if that will change things. we opened a joint checking account too. scary, but good for bill paying. just have to be careful.

thinking about nayone also. she would have loved looking at the troubleshooting stuff from class today. the grammer was so bad even I caught it. stuff like "there" for "their". just hope we can be friends one day. (ah, the nice passive-agressiveness that is lj).

last night i kidnapped hermionesviolin and we had dinner and watched Silent Movie. I wonder if she felt a little uncomfortable in my house, but she seemed to be ok by the end of the night. it seems that she has not had enough corruption in her life recently. must change that.

Buffy at The Cave (ie:Bjorn's) tonight.

work's going well. kind of slow. i feel like we glossed over the trouble shooting stuff a little, but maybe that's just because i've done so much of it and really it can only be learned by actually taking calls (which i will start to do next week - eek!!). So far everything's good. just got a grade report in. so far i have a 100%. yay. this will really help for picking scheduals - that is if i keep up the 100%s.

talked to daddy last night. things are looking good for getting my step-mom back to the usa. also the car insurance place re-put in my check that bounced, so everything is good with them. i think for next year i'll save up and put down as much as i can all at once so i don't have to pay lots of interest.

oh, right, this weekend Aerith and I took Audrey down to see his family in Eastern Mass. She was such a good car. yay for cruise control. and i did the 1.5 hour drive with almost no problems at all. and she got really good gas milliage.

***moving classrooms. will relogon to finish this***


I think that everyone is over reacting (in some way or another). Signing the piece of paper wasn't that big of a deal and doesn't say anything we don't already feel for each other. no, we didn't get married, no we're not planning to in the very near future (but yes, i do plan on marrying him one day). we just did it so that i can cover Aerith under my insurance. that's it. and the joint checking was needed to help prove the partnership (and will make bill paying easier).

I hope that clears things up. sorry for the misconceptions, extra happiness, or hurt that my previous post caused people.
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