November 26th, 2002


more calls and being a hero

took more calls today. took a whole bunch and helped on some. not so bad all in all. got to help someone with snowy picture and no sound get both sound and picture. yay me! it feels good to help people.

just one more day of work and then TG break. 4 days off! yay!!!!!!

there was something else i wanted to post about, oh yes, the crusaders. Aerith and i had 13 people over this weekend b/c Sir Zanek wanted to revamp the Crusaders/Heros run. It was really cool. Wabres came over and helped Aerith make a turkey, and Frenchman helped me make mashed potatos, and Safirerings made cranberry stuff and the guys made stuffing, and Bellebet and RogueActor brought chilly, and Nightrise brought bread dip and Frenchman and Nightrise had to get more plates, and Slinky brought sodas and plastic cups (which made clean up much easier), and Persival did a lot of the dishes (again for an easier clean), and this is a run-on sentance! So, basically, there was food and it was yummy, and everyone rocks my world!!!

other than that, i got to remake my character into a more waterbased character (*hearing Bellebet's "hi aquaman" in the background*). I have all sorts of nifty water powers and i can talk to water animals and the best part is that i can turn into a mermaid when i'm in the water!!!! heheh. i've always wanted to be a mermaid, and now i can be!!! yay for me (Sir Zanek is so cool)!!!!!

oh, and there's a Crusaders Online Store. we have a LOGO!! it's nifty.
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