November 29th, 2002


channukah saga

so, today i all of a sudden remembered that it was Channukah tonight. for some strange reason i suddenly had this urge to have a menorah this year. could be because it's my first year in an apartment and it's has a very home feel to it (or maybe b/c i know that i get to light all of them myself! ha, take that cimmy!)

i had to go out to the store anyway (and it was starting to snow). First i went to Stop&Shop. got the grocery stuff. no menorahs and no candles. drove to Walmart. Lots and lots of chrismas stuff. asked a nice lady. she took me over to the people who were in charge of the seasonal stuff. got treated very rudely by them. nice lady was very apologetic, but no menorahs or candles. walked to another store, nothing. walked to BigY (snowing harder now). They had candles! yay! had to buy a candy bar to be able to get candles with debit card. but still no menorah. drove home.

thought about going to the mall, but didn't want to drive on the snow. then i had an idea. I called my mother to find out if play-doh was flammable. She said she didn't think it was, but i should check. So i did. It isn't. So I made a menorah out of play-doh. It's pretty cool. I even made a little star of david out of play-doh to put on the shamas's holder. each holder is a different color. Then being the jewish pagan that i am i inscribed pentacles on the back of each and used my wand to make them sacred. :)

So, Happy Channukah everyone. May you always have light in your life.
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