January 8th, 2003


driving things

some things I wanted to post about for a while and haven't:

since i've been driving so much (200+ miles a week) lately, i've seen and been in some interesting situations. So, here are some stories.

1. The Dawn: Ever been kissed by the dawn? I have. I was driving to work, when I was working at 8am and had to leave around 7am, and as i was driving past a large mountain, there was mist coming off of the mountain. The morning light gave it a most beautiful pink hue. As I drove through it and was touched by the earth and the sun's beauty, I knew what it was like to be kissed by Aurora.

2. Fog: I like the fog. It makes the world a mysterious place. It's exciting.

3. Snow: No Sir, i don't like it.

4. Apollo: Before my hours changed, I felt as if Apollo and I were keeping the same hours, as I'd be driving to work as he was rising and drive home while he was setting.

5. Windshield Wippers: Yesterday I was driving to work and having finally gotten more windshield wipper fluid (this is a good thing), I was using some to clean off the windshield when there was a noise and my passenger side wipper twisted around. Not being near any exits, I pulled over into the breakdown lane, put my flashers on, got out of the passengers door (i'm NOT opening my drivers side door onto 91) and procceded to wrestle with the damn wipper until I got it back into place. I was lucky that it had gotten caught on the wipper arm, or i would have lost it. That was NOT fun.

6. Cruise control is a good thing.

7. I need to a) find my other tapes, b) make more mix tapes, or c) look into getting the car adaptor for my cd player.

that is all. drive through
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