February 4th, 2003

wear a mask, elhoffer


grrr...am having a hungry day. the kind of day where i want to eat something every 30 min or so. damn high metabolism! so far i've had breakfast, a candy bar, and almost didn't make it to lunch. i have a granola bar w/me that i'm trying to save to eat on my break, but i'm SOOOO hungry!!!!!!

last night was good :) Dinner w/Aerith and Munin. Munin brought some really really good mead. what kind was it, hon? Got to spend some time just talking w/Munin about stuff while Aerith was working on his taxes.

Aerith and I were thinking about moving, but i think we're going to wait until our finances are straightened out a bit more. *sigh* must continue to deal with idiot neigbors upstairs who are loud and who dripped water (again) in our kitchen. well...hopefully my loud screams of pleasure last night annoyed them. tmi, i know, i know.

yay, is now break time. time for granola bar!
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