February 18th, 2003

wear a mask, elhoffer

lots of snow (and cold feet)

snow. there was lots and lots of snow. When I opened the door to the apartment building I had to push it to move the snow. Any more and I don't know if I could have gotten out...ok...there's a front door, but still.

Then Aerith and I had to unburry our cars. Even with the fact that I came home in the middle of everything, there was a TON of snow on my car. But I was lucky b/c whoever was parked next to my passanger's side had already left so I could get to one side easily. It doesn't help that my scrapper broke off of the whole thing. But I got the car out (it took about 30 min).

Left for work early. The highway was clear (big difference from yesterday) so I got to work really really early. Oh well.

I really hope that's it. NO MORE SNOW!!! Warm weather NOW! but...it would be fun to go sleading.

in other news: new buffy tonight :) anyone who wants to come to my place, just give a holler. I'm going to try to make it to Haven tonight, but I'm not sure if i'll make it. I want to really badly though.

work time. let's see how bad that snow affected people.
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